A combination of Deep tissue and Swedish massage relieves tension in the neck, back and shoulders. 
25 minutes - $80 

This soothing massage focused on the feet has tremendous benefits, from stimulating circulation, easing tension and promoting overall relaxation and a sense of calm
25 minutes - $85 / 50 minutes - $130

A therapeutic customized massage using medium to deep pressure to revitalize and an aromatherapy hot pack to melt away stress. 
50 minutes - $125 / 80 minutes - $160

An intensive massage using deep concentrated work targets muscle tension to aid in recovery. An herbal liniment will sooth and repair fatigued muscles. 
50 minutes - $135 / 80 minutes - $175

The healing power of heated sea stones penetrates muscle tissue to induce deep relaxation.
80 minutes - $185

A deeply therapeutic treatment using the healing anti-inflammatory properties of organic hemp-derived CBD oil, this massage eases muscle and joint pain associated with arthritis, sprains and strains and post-workout soreness. 
50 minutes - $140 / 80 minutes - $180

A massage enjoyed side-by-side with a special someone.  Two therapists and two tables in our couples’ suite make for a shared memorable experience..
Pricing is a la carte depending on preferred massage

A maternity massage designed to nurture an expectant mother, focused on relieving discomfort experienced during pregnancy. 
50 minutes - $125
*This massage is only performed in the second and third trimester.

MASSAGE ENHANCEMENTS $30 EACH: No additional time added to service

Dry Body Brushing- Body brushing provides a powerful detoxification for the skin that exfoliates, enhances lymphatic drainage, improves circulation and increases the skin’s ability to absorb moisture.
Arnica- Add this potent herbal remedy to decrease inflammation and muscle pain and increase circulation and aid in recovery time. A perfect addition to a deep tissue massage.
Coconut Scalp Treatment- An aromatic deeply hydrating coconut milk will be massaged into the hair and scalp to nourish, condition, and leave you floating…
Revitalizing Foot Treatment- A decadent body scrub that will gently exfoliate your feet and a hydrating peppermint essential oil massage will invigorate and relax tired, achy feet.
Salt Stone-The gliding motion of warm salt stones coupled with hands on massage helps to soften muscle tissue and relax the body and mind.
CBD- Add this powerful anti-inflammatory oil to a single area to relax muscles, increase circulation and relieve pain.